Dog Locks Owner Out Of Idling Car On Northeastern Move-In DayNortheastern Police said a miniature poodle named Linus was sitting inside an idling car when he stepped on the automatic lock button.
Northeastern Warns: Students Who Party Will Be SuspendedNortheastern University is warning students they could be suspended if they throw or attend a large or unsafe party.
Northeastern University Sends Warning To 115 Freshman After Post Shows Willingness To PartyNortheastern University sent warning letters to 115 freshmen who had responded “Hell Yeah” to an Instagram poll on whether they planned to have or go to parties,
No Move-In Rush For College Students In Boston Due To CoronavirusBoston University and Northeastern University are requiring students to get tested for coronavirus.
Northeastern University Researcher Suggests Massachusetts Returns To Phase 2A Northeastern University researcher says the state should roll back to Phase 2 because numbers are headed in the wrong direction.
Pedestrian Injured After Northeastern University Police Pursuit Ends In CrashA Northeastern University Police pursuit ended with a pedestrian injured and the suspect’s car crashing onto the patio of the Deuxave restaurant on Mass. Ave.
Harvard, Northeastern And MIT Sue Trump Administration Over International Student Policy ChangesHarvard, Northeastern and MIT sued the Trump administration over its guidance not allowing foreign students to take online-only courses this fall.
Northeastern Plans To Reopen In September Despite Unclear GuidelinesIt is unclear if large gatherings like lecture style classes will be allowed in the state of Massachusetts come September.
Northeastern University Announces Plans To Reopen Campus In The FallNortheastern University is the first Boston-area university to announce it is planning to re-open its campus for classes in the fall.
Surprise Parade Celebrates Iraq War Veteran's Graduation From NortheasternThere was a special graduation celebration in Walpole for an Iraq War veteran who is currently working an essential front line job.
Northeastern University Model Shows COVID-19 Spread In Boston In FebruaryModels from Northeastern University show Boston may have been 2,300 people infected with coronavirus by March 1.