Brady, NFL Bring Their DeflateGate Fight To Federal CourtIt's actually happening. The DeflateGate mess has somehow made it all the way to Federal court.
Judge Berman Encourages NFL, NFLPA To Continue Settlement Talks; Plans Meeting For 10:30 a.m. WednesdayU.S. District Judge Richard Berman continues to push for a settlement.
Takeaways From Transcript Of Tom Brady's TestimonyTom Brady stated multiple times, under oath, that he had no knowledge of any plan to deflate any footballs.
NFLPA Seeks Pre-Motion Conference With NFL Instead Of Filing InjunctionOne way or another, the NFLPA wants the Tom Brady matter settled before Sept. 4.
Closer Look At NFLPA's Filing Against NFL On Tom Brady's BehalfThe NFLPA's filing is very long. Here's a (somewhat) shortened digest to show how the union will go after the league's ruling.
Tom Brady Tops NFL Sales From March Through May Here's another new first for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
NFLPA Will Challenge Brady Decision In Federal Court If QB Suspended For Any GamesIf Tom Brady is suspended for any games for the DeflateGate mess, the NFL Player's Association is ready to put up a fight.
Hurley: Troy Vincent Takes NFL Hypocrisy To New HeightsThe integrity of the game. That's what it's all about. Even if it involves a whole lot of lying.
Reports: NFLPA Files Formal Complaint Against Patriots For Barring Malcolm Butler From OTAsThe NFLPA has filed a complaint against the Patriots.
Time For Brady To Present His Case In Suspension AppealThe Patriots quarterback's appeal hearing kicks off Tuesday.
Another Investigation? NFLPA Looking Into Patriots For Potential CBA Violation With Malcolm ButlerThe New England Patriots are reportedly under investigation, again, this offseason.
NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith Rips Credibility Of Roger Goodell, Wells ReportNFLPA executive director DeMaurice SMith took aim at the credibility of Roger Goodell and the NFL.
NFLPA Formally Requests Goodell Recuse Himself As Brady ArbitratorThe NFLPA formally requested Roger Goodell recuse himself as the arbitrator in Tom Brady's disciplinary appeal on Tuesday.
NFLPA To Troy Vincent: You Have No Authority To Suspend Tom BradyThe NFLPA is pulling zero punches with regard to fighting Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent and the NFL.
Bertrand: No Sympathy For Players After Re-Electing NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice SmithNFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith will be at the helm for three more years, and Marc Bertrand is done feeling bad for the players as a result.