NFLPA Releases COVID-19 Map, With Patriots And Dolphins On Opposite Ends Of SpectrumTo help provide a clear picture of the current COVID-19 situation in every NFL city, the NFLPA released a heat map of sorts to show which NFL cities are currently dealing with the most positive cases of the virus.
Jarvis Landry Pleads With Tom Brady To Fight For Players Amid NFL's Coronavirus PlansIn a tweet on Thursday night, Browns receiver Jarvis Landry pleaded with Tom Brady to join the NFLPA's calls with the league.
NFL May Have Major Problem, As Players Aren't Interested In Putting Salary In EscrowThe NFL has got problems ... and not a whole lot of time to solve them.
NFL Players Don't Want A Preseason During Coronavirus PandemicThe NFL does not appear to have many solutions when it comes to getting players on the field this summer, and that may end up wiping away the entire preseason,
Masks, Modified Locker Rooms, Virtual Meetings: NFL Lays Out Protocols For Teams To Follow Once Players Report For WorkWhen football players take the field, there's really no possible way to keep them apart. When they're off the field, though, the NFL and NFLPA are going to do everything possible to try to keep them separate.
NFLPA Votes To Approve New CBA, Enacting 17-Game Season And Ensuring 10 Years Of NFL Labor PeaceThere will be no NFL lockout in 2021. The league and the players' union have reached an agreement.
NFL Bans Tom Brady's Helmet Style, But QB Will Be Allowed To Wear It In 2018If Tom Brady's going to play through his mid-40s as he has stated many times, he's going to have to make a significant equipment change.
NFL Finds No Concussion Protocol Violations With Brady, PatriotsThe NFL and NFLPA have confirmed that they could not find any rule violations, or that Brady suffered a concussion.
Tom Brady No. 1 On NFLPA's Top-50 'Player Sales' ListAs if Brady hasn't won enough on the field, he dominates in merch sales as well.
NFLPA Calls For Players To Save Money (Again) For Potential LockoutThe NFLPA is giving players the same financial advice they gave six years ago.
NFLPA Uses DeflateGate To Expose NFL's Disinterest In Curbing Prescription Painkiller ProblemThe NFL cares deeply about fractions of PSI in footballs. The NFL cares very little about the health of its players.