Hurley's Picks: Power Ranking The Non-Traditional NFL Game Nights In 2020Now that we've seen it all -- with still more to come -- it's the right time to look at all of the non-traditional start times and lay out an official POWER RANKING of which ones are best.
Hurley's Picks: Steelers, Jets Giving NFL Rare Dose Of Polar Opposite PerfectionThe Steelers might go 16-0. Shouldn't they be ... impressive?
Hurley's Picks: Is Tom Brady An Enormous Baby? Let's InvestigateTom Brady snubbed Jared Goff. Is he an enormous baby? Let's get to the bottom of it with a thorough investigation.
Hurley's Picks: Wishing The Joe Judge-Marc Colombo Fight Was RealThe NFL needs more fist fights. This column needs some more correct NFL picks. Together, we can make it all happen.
Hurley's Picks: Life Is Good For NFL Quarterbacks -- As Long As You're Young Or OldIt sure is nice to be an old-as-heck quarterback these days, isn't it?
Hurley's Picks: NFL Getting Closer To Having Some Serious COVID-19 ProblemsIn the midst of a much bigger issue in the country, the NFL has had a very rough week with COVID-19. The problem may be mounting, but first ... we're going to make picks for Week 9.
Hurley's Picks: Don't Bury The Patriots Just YetThe Pats are down. They may be out. But they've definitely got at least one last push in them.
Hurley's Picks: One Crazy Reason Why Tom Brady Might Go Nuts Vs. RaidersIt's football season. It's about to become ONLY football season. Hope you're ready.
Hurley's Picks: Disastrous Jets' Dysfunction Providing Nice Sense Of Normalcy In Otherwise Upside-Down SeasonThank goodness for the New York Jets. In these uncertain times, we need them more than ever.
Hurley's Picks: COVID Predictably Wreaking Havoc On NFL, And It's DispiritingTo be honest, the whole thing stinks. It smells. It's the worst. But we'll all try to make the best of an NFL season during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hurley's Picks: Cam Newton Is Making Everyone Look StupidIt's hilarious that not one NFL evaluator looked at the 6-foot-5, 245-pound, highly motivated Newton and thought, "You know what ... it's worth a shot." That story leads off the picks for Week 3 in the NFL.