Patriots Set NFL Record With 17th Straight Season With At Least 10 WinsThe New England Patriots have accomplished something that no team has done before. And it's something that no team is likely to do for a very long time.
Hurley: It's Time For America To Accept The Greatness Of Patriots' DefenseYes, the Patriots' defense is great. Historically so. It's time to stop searching for reasons to discount this fact.
Here's How Patriots Compare To Best Defenses In NFL History Through Six GamesIt is a worthwhile exercise to look at the total points allowed by the Patriots to see how it compares to those all-time, historic, remembered-forever-in-our-hearts-and-minds defenses
Tom Brady In Much Better Place Than Peyton Manning While Climbing All-Time Passing Yards ListWhile a crazy sport like football is always unpredictable, it's likely that Tom Brady will be having a much better day overall than Peyton Manning had when he set the record back in 2015.
Tom Brady Reveals Which NFL Record Means The Most To HimTom Brady revealed which NFL record means the most to him. The answer ... won't surprise you.
Focusing On Bad Opponents Is Missing Forest For Trees And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsIf you want to find a comparison for the 2019 Patriots, you can't look at the current NFL. You have to look to the best defenses in NFL history. That should tell you all you need to know about this year's Patriots.
Hurley: Yes, The Patriots' Suffocating Defense Is As Elite As The Stats SuggestStop me if you've heard this one before: The Patriots' defense utterly and completely dominated an opponent for the entirety of Sunday afternoon's football game.
Tom Brady Passes Brett Favre, Moves Into Third Place On All-Time Passing ListAnother Sunday, another historical accolade for Tom Brady.
There's Now More Than An Entire Game's Worth Of Tom Brady Clutch Drives In Super Bowl And PostseasonIf you were to look solely at clutch drives in playoff games during championship runs in the playoffs from Tom Brady, you'd need more than 60 minutes to see it all.
Some Perspective On Sheer Absurdity Of This Patriots Run Of SuccessIt's a run of success that's now in its 18th year, and it's the type of winning that has never been replicated.
Tom Brady Can Set A New Record For Old Quarterbacks By Beating JaguarsTom Brady now has a larger accolade in his sights -- one that's seemingly become quite important to him.