ZappRx On Hiring Spree After Raising More Than $6MThe Boston-based start-up has developed software and an app that allows patients to quickly speed-up prescription services.
Ginkgo BioWorks Finalizes $9M In Funding, Opens FoundryOne of Boston's most unusual manufacturers is ramping up production after finalizing some $9 million in its first round of funding.
Boston Visual Effects Company Taking It To Next Level A Boston visual effects company that's been working on some Hollywood films like "American Hustle" says it's ready to go to the next level.
Cambridge Company Raises $5M In Quest To Discover Drug To Treat Parkinson'sA Cambridge medical research and development company has raised $5 million to finance its journey to try to discover the first drug that can treat Parkinson's Disease.
Madoff Recovery Funds To Come From Those Who Enjoyed Fake Profits The chief counsel in the Bernie Madoff recovery effort says he's confident most of the funds lost in the Ponzi scheme will be recovered over the next few years.
Trustee: Madoff Victims Could Get All Their Money BackThe investors who lost billions of dollars in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme may actually get all of their lost investments back.
Cambridge Book Discount Alert Company Is ExpandingA 2-year-old Cambridge start-up with just 20 employees has raised nearly $4 million in its first round of funding from investors.
AAA To Offer Roadside Assistance For Bicyclists AAA Southern New England is rolling out a bicycle roadside assistance for National Bike Month.
Harvard Grads Bring Insect Eating To Western World With Cricket Chips Three recent Harvard grads are trying to change the phrase "Bon Appetite" to "Bug Appetite" by introducing a new chip made out of crickets.
WBZ Business Breakfast: Making College AffordableExperts at this morning's WBZ Business Breakfast say colleges are trying to become more competitive and cost effective.
A Warning About Bitcoin From 'Penny Stocks For Dummies' Author Peter Leeds, author of Penny Stocks for Dummies, has major concerns about the currency in the aftermath of the Mt Gox Bitcoin fiasco.
Experienced Bitcoin Investor Unrattled By Problems With Mt. Gox"Hank" has been investing in Bitcoin for years. He says there's been a lot of bad news around the digital currency lately.
EnVivo's Alzheimer's Drug Could Be On Fast Track To ApprovalEnVivo Pharmaceuticals of Watertown is about to begin new tests on a promising treatment for Alzheimer's Disease.
New England Business: More Credit Card Complaints Being Resolved The number of complaints about credit card companies is growing, but more of those complaints are being resolved.
Beer Floods Framingham Brewery After Gasket FailsThere's about to be a shortage of a growingly popular local craft beer after a costly malfunction at a brewery in Framingham.