Conn. Man Accused Of Stealing $12K In Disaster Relief After 2011 Mass. TornadoA federal grand jury in Connecticut has returned an indictment charging a 41-year-old man with fraudulently securing federal assistance by claiming that he was a victim of a series of tornadoes that killed four people and destroyed more than 1,400 homes in central and western Massachusetts.
Monson Declares State Of Emergency After Heavy RainThe western Massachusetts town of Monson declared a state of emergency after torrential rains swept through on Sunday.
Western Mass. Still Recovering From Tornadoes One Year LaterOne year later, central and western Massachusetts are recovering from a devastating series of tornadoes.
Tornado Victims Say Insurance Companies Are Hurting, Not HelpingOne year ago, a series of tornadoes swept through Central and Western Massachusetts killing three and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.
Monson Tornado Victims Struggling To Rebuild One Year Later One year after a tornado ravaged the Central Mass. town, some are struggling to rebuild.
2011 Mass. Tornado Damage Estimated At $200 MillionMassachusetts officials say last June's tornadoes caused about $200 million in damage to insured personal and commercial property.
Deadly Twisters Create Frightening Deja Vu For Mass. Tornado Victims With all eyes on the deadly tornados that hit the south and central parts of the United States this week, survivors of a June 2011 tornado that devastated parts of Western and Central Massachusetts say their thoughts are with the victims.
Home Video Shows Tornado Approaching MonsonA resident took video of the tornado that destroyed much of Monson this spring.
Towns Say Nor'Easter Was 'Infinitely' Worse Than TornadoesAreas in Western Mass. hit hard by June tornadoes are now dealing with power outages from the Nor'easter.
Monson Considers Emergency Mobile Home LotsThe Monson planning board is considering changes to allow trailers on emergency lots in the future, even if it won't help families now.
Western Mass. Areas Hit By Tornadoes Face Greater Wildfire ThreatThe tornadoes that ravaged parts of western Massachusetts are long gone but they are still posing a danger. The problem is the heightened risk of wildfires from trees downed by the twisters.