Coronavirus Taking Huge Toll On Mental Health, Psychologists SayPsychologists say the coronavirus outbreak is taking a big emotional toll on the population.
Coronavirus Causing Spike In Patients For Mental Health ProvidersAs millions of people try to cope with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, mental health care providers are seeing more patients.
Coronavirus, Quarantines Pose New Challenges For Mental Illness SufferersA local therapist is promoting emotional closeness while we all social distance.
Five Ways To Improve Your Mental Health In 2020You can take scientifically validated steps to improve your mental outlook, and -- because the mind and body are entwined -- these behaviors also will improve your overall health.
Feeling Blue? Sunday Sadness Is A Real ThingOne study found 81% of more than 1,000 respondents said they became progressively more anxious as their restful Sunday came to a close.
Study: College Students Can Improve Depression Symptoms By Eating HealthyMany college students experience symptoms of depression, but a new Australian study found that simply changing what they eat could make a difference.
Study: Millennials And Gen Zers More Likely To Quit Their Job For Mental Health ReasonsAbout half of millennials and 75 percent of Gen Zers have left a job because of mental health reasons.
Living By The Coast May Be Better For Your Mental Health, Study FindsIs life really better by the beach? A new study suggests that living near the coast is linked to better mental health.
Lawrence Residents And Businesses 'Re-Traumatized' By Gas LeakThings are returning to normal in Lawrence Saturday after a gas leak caused around 150 homes and businesses to evacuate early Friday morning, though residents said they are still suffering.
Oregon Passes Student 'Mental Health Day' LawOregon is becoming one of the first states to allow students to take a mental health day.
Working 1 Day A Week Is All You Need To Boost Mental Well-BeingA study found risk of mental health issues fell when people went from unemployment or stay-at-home parenting to paid work.