Five MBTA Fare Hike Protesters Arrested Five people were arrested Wednesday following a protest on the MBTA fare hikes.
MBTA Fare Hikes May Be Necessary To Close $140 Million Budget GapThe MBTA is trying to close a $140 million deficit. The proposal on the table includes fare increases, service cuts to existing lines and some bus routes may be eliminated.
Group Protests MBTA Fare Hikes With 'Fare Free Fridays'Members of the group begin with a rally and then march to a T station, at which point they force open the doors or the turnstiles and allow everyone in the group - and any willing members of the public – to board for free.
Are You OK With The MBTA Fare Hikes?Do you think the increases are justified?
WBZ Water Cooler: Commuters React To New MBTA Fare HikesThis Week At The WBZ Water Cooler: MBTA officials on Wednesday recommended an average 23% fare hike but far fewer reductions in service than originally feared.
Gov. Patrick: MBTA Raised Fares To Avoid "Drastic" CutsGov. Deval Patrick says he supports a plan by the MBTA to raise fares while avoiding what he calls "drastic" cuts in service on the Boston-area transit system.
Hearings To End Monday On Proposed MBTA Fare HikesThe debate over proposed MBTA fare hikes and service cuts is about to enter a new phase.
All Things Travel: MBTA Fare Hikes Justified?couple of meetings that took place in Boston a couple of miles apart showed just where travel and transportation stands in preparation for the new Fiscal Year beginning July 1.
MBTA Advisory Board Recommends Lower Fare HikesAn MBTA advisory board has suggested limiting proposed fare hikes to 25 percent and avoiding service cuts by having other state agencies take over certain T functions.
'Occupy MBTA' To Protest Proposed Fare Hikes, Service CutsThose sympathetic with the 'Occupy' movement plan to rally Monday against the MBTA's plans to cut service and raise fares.