MIT Researching Alternative That Could Be Used If Hospitals Run Out Of VentilatorsResearchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on an alternative treatment that can be used when a hospital runs out of ventilators.
MIT Scientists Identify Powerful Antibiotic Using Artificial IntelligenceScientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology trained a computer to screen thousands of chemical compounds for their ability to kill bacteria with the low likelihood of hurting human cells.
MIT Engineers Create New Quick-Binding Surgical TapeInspired by the sticky substance that helps spiders catch their prey, researchers at MIT have developed a super strong surgical tape.
Scientists Reveal First Image Ever Made Of A Black HoleIt looked like a flaming orange, yellow and black ring.
Construction Worker Killed By Falling Debris At MITA construction worker died after scaffolding fell from a building on the campus of MIT.
Group At MIT Wants A Celebration For A New College CanceledSome students and professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are asking the university to cancel celebrations for a new computing center.
Mass. Ranked Number 1 For Science, Technology AgainThe concentration of universities in Massachusetts and the willingness to invest and evolve has pushed Mass. to number one again.
7 New England College Students Named Rhodes ScholarsSeven students from New England universities are among this year's crop of Rhodes scholars.
Sheryl Sandberg Uses Facebook's Woes As Lesson For MIT GradsSheryl Sandberg uses Facebook's ongoing privacy scandal as a lesson in accountability in a commencement speech at MIT.
Police Investigating Attempted Assault In MIT Fraternity HousePolice responded to a call on Sunday concerning an unknown man at the Pi Kappa Theta fraternity house.
Artificial Intelligence Creates Horror Stories At MITThe program, named "Shelley" after Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein, creates a collaboration between the machine and humans.