Car Drives Completely Into Mansfield BakeryA car drove completely into a Mansfield bakery Thursday, though no one was injured.
'Are You Tired Of That Pesky Snow?': Mansfield Police Create Snow Removal InfomercialMansfield Police created a video showing off their new "line of Tactical Snow Removal Systems."
Python Found Roaming Inside Mansfield ApartmentPolice had a wild morning as they found a ball python that was roaming around a Mansfield apartment.
Tips To Protect Your Packages From 'Being Grinched'"Take these steps to protect your floofloovers and tartookas from being Grinched," the department wrote on Facebook.
Sheep Who Evaded Mansfield Police Returns To RodeoThe rogue sheep who escaped from the rodeo in Mansfield has returned safely.
Sheepish Suspect: Dashboard Camera Shows Pursuit Of 'Evasive Ovine'Police officers came up empty in their pursuit of a suspect described as an “evasive ovine” that was roaming through a Mansfield neighborhood.
Mansfield Police Train For Active Shooter Situation In Elementary SchoolWhile students in Mansfield were enjoying February vacation week, police officers filled a school's hallways to train for an active shooter situation.
Mansfield Police Chief's Home Damaged In FireThe Mansfield police chief’s home was damaged Friday in a fire, but he is thanking area firefighters for their quick response in preventing further damage.
Body Found Near Train Station In MansfieldPolice got a call just after 11 p.m. Tuesday that a person may have been hit by a train.
Mansfield Police Officers Train To Use Tourniquets In Live Fire ExerciseThe Mansfield Police Department engaged in intensive training using tourniquets and live fire.
Mansfield Police: Don't Use Makeshift Toilets At Jimmy Buffett ConcertThe Mansfield Police Department is warning Jimmy Buffet fans gearing up for the singer's Saturday concert at the Xfinity Center that makeshift toilets won't be tolerated.