Burlington Company Hopes Airing Device Will Revolutionize Sleep Apnea TreatmentA local company has developed a new device that could be life-changing for sleep apnea patients.
Athletes Turn To 'KT Tape' For Pain ReliefRelieving the aches and pains of working out is a challenge for anyone who exercises. More athletes are turning to Kinesio Tape for relief.
ADHD Online Application Proves Helpful To DoctorsMehealth for ADHD is an online application developed by a company in Marlborough.
Hemp-Infused Dog Biscuits May Help Pets In PainWe hear a lot about medicinal marijuana and its ability to relieve pain in people. Now, some pet owners are saying something similar might be able to help their dogs and cats.
Study: Medical Marijuana Not As Effective As Previously ThoughtA review published in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association, looked at dozens of previous studies on marijuana and found very little evidence to support the use of the drug for medicinal purposes.
Experimental Drugs May Help Migraine SufferersThere is a new class of drugs which are showing promise in preventing migraines.
Doctors Perform First Partial Skull And Scalp TransplantSurgeons have used plastic implants and bone grafts to close large defects in patients’ skulls before but now doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist Hospital say they have performed the world's first partial skull and scalp transplant.
FDA To Take Another Look At The 'Little Pink Pill' For WomenThe FDA has already rejected it twice, but Thursday there will be another push to get it on the market.
Less Is More When Treating Kids With CancerSome doctors now think you can do more for kids with cancer by actually doing less.
FBI Investigating Johnson & Johnson Hysterectomy DeviceA company that manufactured the device is now being investigated by the Feds.
Daughters Of Working Mothers May Make More Money, Study FindsHere is more evidence that women who work outside of the home should shed their guilt about spending time away from the kids.
Partners Connected Health To Consider Using iThermonitorsThe iThermonitor records a child's temperature every four seconds.
Local Researchers Work To Eliminate The High From Medical MarijuanaNortheastern University researchers are trying to capture the pain relieving powers of pot while eliminating the high.
New Treatment Developed In Mass. Promises To Eliminate CelluliteA new procedure to treat cellulite, developed right here in Massachusetts, is promising something pretty unbelievable.
Teens Hurting Themselves Doing 'Kylie Jenner Challenge'Teens are trying to puff up their lips just like the reality star, but this could be a dangerous trend.