The Patriots, Now 0-4 At Home, Have Fully Lost Their Foxboro MystiqueThe New England Patriots have played four games in their home stadium in the 2021 season. They've lost them all. This is indeed a strange new world.
Ups & Downs From Patriots OT Loss To Cowboys: Bad Day For Pair Of New England's Big Free Agent SigningsYou only get so many "moral victories" in a season, and the Patriots have already used up their quota for the year.
Cowboys Beat Patriots In Overtime After Wild End To RegulationThe Patriots went toe-to-toe with one of the best offenses in the NFL. They came up just short.
Patriots-Cowboys What To Watch For: A Battle Between Former Alabama TeammatesThe Patriots have a chance to get back to .500 on Sunday at Gillette Stadium. It's no easy task though, not with the red hot Dallas Cowboys coming to town.
Some Wins Can Feel Like Losses And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe Patriots won. Barely. Against one of the worst teams in the NFL. Other than that, it was a good Sunday.
Bloodied Mac Jones Leads Game-Winning Drive Vs. Texans: 'He's A Tough Son Of A Gun'Mac Jones believes he only got hit one time on Sunday in Houston. It was, however a big one.
Ups & Downs: Patriots Bounce Back From Shaky Start, Finish Strong In Win Over TexansThis was just an ugly, ugly football game. Fumbles at the one-centimeter line, punts off a teammate's head. Patriots-Texans had it all -- as long as you like bad football.
Patriots Escape Houston With 25-22 Victory After Ugly StartThat was long. It was difficult. And it was ugly. But when the clock hit zero on Sunday afternoon in Houston, the Patriots had themselves a victory.
Mac Jones Is The Top-Graded Rookie Quarterback By Pro Football Focus Through Four WeeksAccording to Pro Football Focus, Mac Jones -- the fifth quarterback drafted in April -- has been the best rookie quarterback in the NFL thus far into the 2021 season.
Tom Brady's Still Got A Lot Of Life In Those Legs And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsIt remains impossible to properly process the things that Tom Brady's doing at his age. That's just one of the many leftover thoughts from that wild Sunday night game between the Pats and Bucs.
Mac Jones Sees Progress With Patriots Offense, But Says There Are No Moral VictoriesMac Jones went toe-to-toe with the greatest quarterback to ever play the game on Sunday and, in many ways, outperformed Tom Brady on national television. But after the loss, the young QB said there are no moral victories, and the Patriots need to continue to work to get better.