Rams Release New Jerseys ... That Look Nearly Identical To Chargers JerseysThere's nothing quite as embarrassing as showing up to a party, only to find somebody else is wearing the same outfit you're wearing and looks better wearing it. The Los Angeles Rams can now relate.
The Rams Are 'A Little Irritated' About Their Thursday Night Game Vs. PatriotsBelieve it or not, the Rams franchise already has a complaint about the Patriots and the 2020 NFL season.
New Rams Logo Leaks Online; Twitter Mercilessly Roasts New DesignThe Rams worked hard on developing a new logo. It leaked online. People did NOT like it.
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Roger Goodell, NFL Officials To Be Questioned Under Oath For Botched Call In NFC Championship GameA Louisiana judge has ordered that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and three officials from January's NFC title game be questioned under oath in September about an infamous "no-call" during January's NFC title game.
Sean McVay Says He Over-Prepared For Patriots Ahead Of Super Bowl LIIISean McVay is opening up on what he should have done differently leading up to Los Angeles' Super Bowl LIII loss to the Patriots.
NFL's New Replay Rule On Pass Interference Would Have Totally Changed Patriots-Rams Super BowlAccording to the NFL, the Rams were victims of a missed pass interference penalty in the Super Bowl -- and it may have cost them a title.
Kyle Van Noy Still Can't Believe Rams, Sean McVay Made No Offensive Adjustments In Super Bowl"Like, they really didn't do not one wrinkle. I was like, what the hell?"
How Backup QB Brian Hoyer Played Critical Role In Patriots' Super Bowl Win Without Playing One SnapOver the course of simulating Goff in practice, Hoyer came to realize that the Rams would not be able to handle a zero blitz -- the same blitz which prompted Goff to throw the interception that essentially sunk the Rams' chances in the fourth quarter.