'Ghost Lobster' Caught Off Maine Coast, Thrown Back In OceanA Maine fisherman caught an extremely rare lobster, but it won’t be on a dinner plate anytime soon.
Truck Carrying 7,000 Pounds Of Live Lobster Crashes In MaineA truck carrying 7,000 pounds of lobster has crashed in Maine, sending the live crustaceans spilling onto the roadway.
Lobstermen Concerned As Prices Plummet In New EnglandA drop in lobster pricing is good news for consumers, but not so good for the people who catch the tasty crustacean.
Cotton Candy-Colored Lobster Caught Near Maine Every once in a while an unusually colored lobster will make headlines. But this might be the sweetest catch yet.
'1 In 30 Million' Orange Lobster Discovered At SupermarketWorkers at a Roche Bros. supermarket got quite the surprise last week – an extremely rare orange lobster.
Endangered Whales Put Lobster Season On Hold In Mass.The state is keeping lobster traps out of Cape Cod Bay because dozens of right whales remain in the area.
Lobster Shortage Sends Prices SoaringThe Boston Globe reports that the price per pound has skyrocketed to as much as $15, up from just $8 a year ago.
Finally, The Lobster Emoji Is Coming To Your PhoneTexting "I love lobsters" just got easier.
Hundreds Of Maine Lobsters Given Away To Families In Need On ChristmasA lobsterman in Maine is carrying on his tradition of giving away lobsters to those in need on Christmas.
New Boston Restaurant Serves 5-Foot Lobster RollA new South End restaurant is serving up a monster of a meal, and you’ll need about 60 friends to finish it.
'Definitely Weird' Translucent Lobster Caught Off Maine CoastThe ghostly, pale lobster likely has a genetic condition.
Rare Yellow Lobster Joins New England Aquarium's 'Rainbow' CollectionThe New England Aquarium, home to a colorful assortment of unusual lobsters, has unveiled another shade.
Opioid Crisis Taking Toll On Maine Lobster IndustryThe nation's opioid crisis has hit hard in Maine, where at least one person died every day last year of drug overdoses.
Owner Of Giant Lobster Says TSA Photo Was An Invasion Of PrivacyThe claws are coming out.
Lobster Weighing Over 20 Pounds Spotted In Logan LuggageTSA agents have found a number of strange things in luggage over the years, but their latest unusual discovery is uniquely New England.