Eastham Seafood Restaurant Finds Rare Orange LobsterArnold's Lobster and Clam Bar wrote on Facebook June 7 that they found an orange lobster. 
Claws Of Health? Lobster Blood Could Play Role In New DrugsOne company thinks the crustaceans can save human lives by providing their blood for use in new drugs.
Rare Blue Lobster From Local Shop On Display At New England AquariumExperts say the odds of finding a blue lobster like this are one in 2 million.
Maine Lobster Industry Headed For Decline, Not Crash, Scientists SayA pair of studies by Maine-based scientists suggest the U.S. lobster industry is headed for a period of decline, but likely not a crash.
Maine's Lobster Catch Down 40% From Last YearMaine's lobster catch is well behind last year's pace, with only weeks left in the season.
Tariff War Hurting Lobster Industry, Massachusetts Lawmakers SayThe group says the Trump administration's trade war with China — and China's 25 percent tariffs on imported American lobsters — are hurting local lobster companies, leaving them vulnerable to competition from Canada.
Rare Two-Toned Lobster Found In MaineA fisherman in Maine pulled in a rare two-toned lobster on Friday.
US Lobster Exports To China Fall Dramatically Amid TariffsU.S. lobster exports to China have fallen off a cliff this year as new retaliatory tariffs shift the seafood business farther north.
Lobster Season Off To A Slow Start In MaineThe lack of crustaceans isn't translating into high prices for consumers
Catch Of The Day: Blue Lobster On Display At Cape Cod RestaurantIt’s believed that only 1 out of every 2 million lobsters is blue.
Maine Science Center To Study Global Warming Impact On Cod, LobsterThe National Science Foundation is awarding nearly $800,000 to an ocean science center in Maine.