Bill Belichick's And Tom Brady's Patriots Are Just Another Team And Other Leftover ThoughtsIt’s time to dissect that 17-10 loss in Pittsburgh with all of the leftover thoughts, and we’re going to start by spotlighting three distinct areas where the Patriots lost the game.
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Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon Helping To Reshape Offense And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsClearly, a lot needed to change. Just 11 days later, it's clear that much has.
Brady And Belichick Are Still Brady And Belichick, And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsIt's a short week in New England, so we better hurry up and dive into the leftover thoughts from the Patriots' 38-7 win over the Dolphins.
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Bortles, Jaguars Provide Blunt Wake-Up Call And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsNothing can bring everybody back to reality quite like a good old-fashioned thumping. And make no mistake: What took place Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville was a thumping. THUMP-ING.
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