Bradley Jay: ‘Do You Believe A Homeowner Should Have The Right To Use Deadly Force Against Intruders?’ You hear an intruder. You wait, shaking with fear, in the dark as your six-year-old daughter sleeps in the next room. What do you do? Click play to view video.
Bill To Repeal Crime Of Adultery In NH Goes To Governor's DeskThe New Hampshire Senate is sending a bill to the governor's desk that repeals the crime of adultery.
Patrick Signs Law Banning 'Upskirt' PhotosGov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill that would update state law to prohibit so-called "upskirt" photos of women.
Advocacy Group Pushes For Statewide GMO Label LawAn advocacy group is pushing for a statewide GMO label law.
Portland, Maine Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana; Police Plan To Ignore Ordinance A new law legalizing marijuana for recreational use went into effect Friday in Maine's largest city, providing a symbolic victory that marijuana advocates intend to use as a springboard to a statewide law.
Obamacare Key Dates In 2014Implementation of the health reform law continues through 2014 with these key dates.
Estate Planning Is Key To Financial PlanningEstate Planning does not have to be fancy, expensive or complicated.
Drew Bledsoe Seeks Change In Mass. Wine Shipment LawFormer New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe will be at the State House Thursday to urge lawmakers to end a ban on wine shipments from out-of-state.
Maine Officially Legalizes Same-Sex MarriageLicenses issued at the stroke of midnight Saturday were valid as the law went into effect.
Mass. May Limit Time That Owners May Tie Up Dogs Outside Massachusetts lawmakers are weighing a bill that would forbid pet owners from leaving their dogs tied up outside for more than eight hours at a time.
Mass. Senate Okays Work Leave For Domestic Violence VictimsThe Massachusetts Senate has unanimously approved a bill that would allow victims of domestic violence to take up to 15 days of leave from their jobs without facing penalties from their employers.