Whitey Bulger, Kevin Weeks Swear At Each Other During TrialKevin Weeks lived up to his billing in federal court on Tuesday.
Kevin Weeks Testifies About Relationship With Whitey BulgerKevin Weeks may well be a star witness for the prosecution in the federal trial of James "Whitey" Bulger, but he's no star in the eyes of victims' families.
Bulger Attorney Says Informant Should Be ExposedAn attorney for James "Whitey" Bulger argued Wednesday that the government should expose the identity of a confidential informant he believes could undermine two star witnesses against the reputed gangster.
Prosecutors Object To Giving Informant ID To Bulger's AttorneysProsecutors in the Whitey Bulger trial have objected to a defense request to provide the name of a confidential informant Bulger's lawyers hope can help undermine the credibility of two key witnesses against Bulger.
Former Bulger Associate Weeks Testifies; No Decision Yet On Bail For GreigA judge has delayed ruling whether to grant bail for the longtime girlfriend of former Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bugler.
Kevin Weeks Remorseful About Gangster Past With Whitey BulgerHe was one of Whitey Bulger’s closest confidants. Now, Kevin Weeks is breaking his silence about his former mob boss’ return to Boston.
NightSide - Whitey’s Long-Time Right-Hand Man Speaks OutKevin Weeks, who was closer to Bulger than anyone, joins NightSide to talk about his life of crime.
Kevin Weeks: Bulger Wasn't 'Coming Back To Write Memoirs'Former Whitey Bulger associate Kevin Weeks says he’s not surprised by Bulger's claim that he traveled to Boston on several occasions as a wanted man.
Bulger's Former Associates: 'The Guy Was A Complete Animal'Whitey Bulger has been described as ruthless, vicious and compassionless, even by people who were close to him.