Medical Student Working At Worcester Field Hospital After Recovering From CoronavirusFourth year UMass Medical student Michelle Shabo had just finished a rotation in early March when she found herself thrust from provider, to patient.
Virtual Ceremony Is Bittersweet For UMass Amherst GraduatesA bit of pomp and circumstance and a whole lot of social distance. The UMass Amherst Class of 2020 attended a virtual graduation celebration Friday.
In Isolation For Weeks, Tewksbury Mom Of 5 Will Be Alone On Mother’s DayA Tewksbury mother of five has tested positive for coronavirus – twice.
Signs Along Route 107 Honor High School Seniors In East Kingston, NHA New Hampshire mother wanted to do something special for the high school graduates who were robbed of their celebration this year.
Surprise Parade Celebrates Iraq War Veteran's Graduation From NortheasternThere was a special graduation celebration in Walpole for an Iraq War veteran who is currently working an essential front line job.
West Roxbury Man Sends Gift Cards To People With Disabilities Impacted By CoronavirusEsteban Barriga lives with autism and is concerned about those who can't wait in line for food during the coronavirus crisis.
Community Saves Taunton Karate Studio During Coronavirus ShutdownLike so many businesses big and small, the doors of East Taunton Kenpo Karate have been closed for several weeks and bills are piling up.
ICU Nurse Thanks North Reading Community For Support During Coronavirus CrisisShawn McEntee knows amidst sickness, suffering, and pain, there is so much kindness, generosity, and hope.
'Put More Value Into Other People': Firefighter/Nurse Urges Social DistancingA Haverhill firefighter who also works as a nurse wants the community to know their generosity is noticed, felt and appreciated.
Doctors Desperate For Plasma Donors: Every Coronavirus Patient Is 'Potential Hero'In the midst of so much illness, suffering, and loss, doctors and researchers at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester are feeling tremendous hope.
Girls Leave Special Message For Grandparents Working On Coronavirus FrontlineTwo girls left a special message of love and support for their grandparents who are both nurses.