Keller @ Large: Marty Walsh Says Economy 'Going In The Right Direction'Marty Walsh sits down with WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller for his first formal Boston TV interview since stepping down as mayor to become Labor Secretary.
'It's Disappointing,' Marty Walsh Insists He Didn't Know About Dennis White's Domestic Issues“I had no knowledge of Dennis White’s past. I had no understanding of it. If I had obviously decisions would have been different. I wish I had known,” Walsh told WBZ-TV Friday.
Keller @ Large: Police-Friendly Brand May Boost Boston Mayoral Candidate Essaibi-GeorgeMany mayoral candidates advocate shifting police funds from police to social services.
Keller @ Large: States Offering Cash, Guns As Incentive To Get COVID VaccinesSome state governments are using cash and prize giveaways as an inducement to coax the large numbers of unvaccinated Americans to go get their COVID-19 shots.
'Morale Is Very Low,' Boston Police Patrolmen's Association President SaysLarry Calderone, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, said morale is “very low” in the department amid calls from some to defund the police, a movement he called a “foolish argument.”
Keller @ Large: AG Maura Healey Says Dartmouth Detention Center Had Committed 'Serious Civil Rights Violations'AG Healey says that the Immigration Detention Center in North Dartmouth that used to detain immigrants committed "serious civil rights violations".
Keller @ Large: Poll Shows People Divided Over Extra Government Aid For UnemployedAsked if the $300 a week unemployment supplement should continue, the response was a virtual tie, 43% for ending the bonus, 41% for keeping it in place.
Keller @ Large: Candidate Jon Santiago Says Boston Mayoral Race 'Transcends Politics'WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller talks to Boston mayoral candidate Jon Santiago.
Keller @ Large: Democrats Eager To Help GOP Dig Political HoleAlthough Trump remains popular among a huge majority of the GOP, his approval ratings have sunk to new lows overall.
Elizabeth Warren Plans To Run For Re-Election In 2024, Says President Biden 'Heading In The Right Direction'Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told WBZ-TV political analyst she plans to run re-election in 2024.
Keller @ Large: Local Activists Hopeful For Immigration ReformGov. Baker's openness to welcoming immigrants and a new president pressing the case for sweeping reforms has given local activists hope.