Joe Kennedy Officially Announces Decision To Run For US SenateJoe Kennedy announced Saturday he will officially run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Ed Markey.
Keller @ Large: One Of Joe Kennedy's Selling Points Is He 'Will Show Up'The Kennedy campaign is looking to brand Sen. Ed Markey as a remote, even aloof figure.
Kennedy Ready To Challenge Markey: 'I Think There's A Real Difference'Congressman Joe Kennedy officially announces his campaign Saturday.
Sen. Markey Welcomes Joe Kennedy To Campaign TrailSenator Ed Markey is ready to fight to keep a seat in Congress.
Keller @ Large: Pelosi Poised To Return As Speaker Of The HouseWhile it’s not a done deal yet, the vote handed a big setback to the movement against her.
Rep. Joe Kennedy Nominates Nancy Pelosi For House SpeakerThe show of support from Kennedy comes as another Massachusetts Congressman, Rep. Seth Moulton, has called for new leadership.
Keller @ Large: Rep. Joe Kennedy In Support Of Federal Legalization Of Weed, Nancy PelosiJon Keller's guest on Keller @ Large this week was once a staunch opponent to marijuana legalization.
Rep. Joe Kennedy Explains Decision To Call For Federal Marijuana Legalization"I think if we are going to say that this should be legalized the federal government should come in and set those guidelines,” Kennedy said.
On First Day Of Recreational Marijuana Sales In Mass., Joe Kennedy III Calls For Federal LegalizationThe Congressman is calling on the nation to end its "prohibition on marijuana."
Keller @ Large: Mass. Voters Prefer Their Politicians Not Run For PresidentJon says a new poll suggests Massachusetts voters prefer their politicians do the job they were elected for.
Markey, Kennedy Push Bill To End So-Called 'Gay Panic' Defense Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey and Rep. Joe Kennedy are pushing a bill that would end the use of so-called "gay panic" and "trans panic" defenses in federal court.