Felger & Mazz: February 4, 2014The Felger and Massarotti Show from Tuesday, February 4.
10 Questions With Jermaine Wiggins: Who Are The Top 5 Coaches In The NFL?You know the drill. Wiggy answers 10 questions (of various levels of intellect) from Mike Felger, and Tony Mazz gets to chime in as well.
Wiggy On Felger & Mazz: Seahawks Prove Pass Rush Is ParamountIf the Patriots want to get back and win another Super Bowl, they will need some help in the pass rush area on defense according to Jermaine Wiggins. Mazz wants a tone-setting safety.
Wiggy: Blame Manning, Not Center, For Botched Snap To Start Super BowlAfter further review, former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins has come to the conclusion that it wasn't center Manny Ramirez's fault for messing up the Broncos' first offensive play of the game...it was #18.
10 Questions With Wiggy: Ever Pull A John Tortorella?Nothing is off limits and everything is on the table when Felger & Massarotti play '10 Questions With Wiggy'.
Felger and Mazz: January 21, 2014The Felger and Massarotti show from Tuesday, January 21.
Felger & Mazz On Richard Sherman: 'He's Legit'Richard Sherman made more headlines with his postgame interview with Erin Andrews than he did with his game-winning play. But say what you want about the outspoken star, his performance is unquestionable.
Felger & Mazz: January 14, 2014The Felger & Mazz show from January 14, 2014.
10 Questions With Wiggy: AFC Championship EditionFelger & Mazz send some hard-hitting questions Jermaine Wiggins' way in "10 Questions With Wiggy."
Felger & Mazz: January 7, 2014The Felger and Massarotti Show from Tuesday, January 7.
10 Questions With Wiggy: Would You Draft Jameis Winston?It’s a Wiggy Tuesday, which means it's time for '10 Questions With Wiggy' on the Felger & Massarotti program.
Felger To Jermaine Wiggins: You're The Reason People Hate Patriots FansWhat began as a civil discussion about the Patriots quickly turned hostile, as Jermaine Wiggins and Michael Felger exchanged in a heated debate about the credentials of the Colts.
Adam Jones: Lack Of An Outside Threat Still A Problem For The PatriotsJermaine Wiggins and Adam Jones are worried that playoff teams will be able to take away the middle of the field, and that the lack of an outside passing game could be the Patriots undoing.
Jones & Wiggy: 2007 Patriots More Impressive Than 2013 BroncosHats off to the 2013 Denver Broncos and their record setting offense, but the 2007 Patriots were just a little bit better according to Adam Jones and Jermaine Wiggins.
Jermaine Wiggins' Plan To Fix Pass InterferenceSports Hub host Jermaine Wiggins is fed up with the defensive pass interference penalty, and he revealed his plan to fix it on Monday afternoon.