Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old KodyEleven-year-old Kody has special needs and is in need of a single or two-parent family who can provide him with love and attention.
Wednesday's Child: 9 Year-Old DominickDominick is a bright, charming and friendly Caucasian boy who loves to engage in conversations with others.
Wednesday's Child: 13 Year-Old TiaraTiara, 13, is a sweet, polite Caucasian girl who opens up easily to others and likes to ask a lot of questions. WBZ-TV's Jack Williams reports.
Wednesday's Child: 14 Year-Old FarrahFarrah is a smart 14-year-old Caucasian girl with loads of personality and spunk.
Wednesday's Child: Update On Jessica, Robert, James and SamuelJack Williams checks up on four children that he featured more than 11 years ago.
Wednesday's Child: 4 Year-Old RandyRandy, soon-to-be 4, is a cute, expressive Haitian young boy who has a very loving side to him.
Wednesday's Child: 11 Year-Old FrantzdyFrantzdy is an 11-year-old boy of Haitian descent.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old VeronicaVeronica, 14, is a sweet girl of Hispanic descent.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old ArairisArairis is a shy but friendly 12-year-old girl of Hispanic heritage available for adoption through the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old SandraSandra is a beautiful and sweet 12-year-old girl of Hispanic descent.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old BrandonBrandon loves playing sports, and has played in a flag football and basketball league.
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