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'ISIS' Bumper Sticker Taken Down From Wellesley Middle School ClassroomThe sticker, which is not referring to the Islamic terrorists, is a play on the names of the Egyptian deities Isis and Ra, according to Industrial Technology teacher Brian Kelly.
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Keller @ Large: Call ISIS 'Daesh' (Violent, Bigoted Oppressors)We are urged to use the word “Daesh,” an acronym that is widely interpreted to be an Arabic euphemism for “violent, bigoted oppressors.”
Walsh: Boston On High Alert Following ISIS Threat Alluding To New York CityAfter ISIS produced a video containing veiled threats against New York City, Boston is responding.
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Memorial Honoring French Victims Grows At Boston ConsulateA makeshift memorial for victims of the Paris terrorist attacks is growing outside the French Consulate in Boston.
Islamic Society Of Boston Calls Paris Attacks 'Horrific And Heartbreaking'The Islamic Society of Boston reacted Saturday morning to the deadly Paris attacks, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for.
Mass. Police Will Remain Vigilant After Paris Attacks, Gov. Baker SaysMassachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker reacted Saturday morning to the terrorist attacks in Paris, saying the state will remain vigilant in the aftermath of the tragic events overseas.
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