Your Tax RefundA refund is not a windfall! Too many treat it as such. It is a return of your money.
I-Team: Thousands Lose Money Falling For Sophisticated Tax ScamThe federal government logged more than 90,000 complaints last year for scams that cost taxpayers about $14 million.
Town Reports 3 Cases Of Taxpayer Identity Theft In Past WeekPolice warn residents of identity theft during tax season.
Tax Audit Red FlagsMost audits are simple paper audits where they send you a letter asking for supporting documentation.
Tax Deductions And CreditsTax deductions lower your taxable income. Tax credits provide a dollar-for dollar reduction of your income tax liability.
Your First Step In Tax PrepThe tax information has begun to arrive, so open those envelopes!
Key Retirement Birthdays: Age 70½Congress and the IRS decided that you cannot leave your pre-tax retirement savings growing forever tax-deferred, so they chose 70½ for you to begin mandatory withdrawals.
Tax Planning for 2014It is very difficult to talk about money just days before Christmas but I am going to try.
Give It Away This Tax SeasonYou can only deduct contributions you give to qualified charities.
Last Minute Tax Stuff You Can DoI don't know what Congress is planning to do regarding tax changes, but every year around the third week of December Congress decides to tweak the tax code.
Retirement Plans At WorkMore and more employers are eliminating their pension plans and only 60% of employers currently offer retirement plans.
Mid-Year Tax Planning When Selling Your Primary ResidenceThe real estate market has been busy this year, so if you sold your house this spring or have it on the market you may get a tax break when you sell your home.
Mid-Year Tax Planning For College GradsThere is tax planning for the recent graduate or their parents who want to give them advice.
Mid-Year Tax Planning For NewlywedsWe are midway into the tax year and it’s a good time to think about taxes even if it's only for a few minutes each day.
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