The Need To Save More: Your Retirement FundRecently I was speaking about retirement planning and I was very disappointed when only about half my audience raised their hands when asked if they were actively saving for retirement.
Credit Myths: You Should Never Pay An Annual Fee For A Credit CardI am on the fence on this one. I do like free a lot and with a good credit score you may be able to get both.
Credit Myths: Closing Unused Credit Cards Will Increase My Credit ScoreClosing unused credit cards accounts certainly will streamline your finances making them more manageable, but closing an account could lower your total credit line.
Credit Myths: Overdraft Protection Will Protect MeBanks love it when you opt into overdraft protection on your checking account or debit card.
Credit Myths: Automatic Bill Paying/Never Miss A PaymentAutomatic bill paying is a great way to have your bills paid on time and it saves you time.
Credit Myths: You Can Live Without A Credit CardIf you pay cash for everything you will never overspend or owe interest on anything you purchase, however you will also not build credit.
Preventing Senior Scams: Medical FraudBesides trying to get your Medicare number, scammers may call about an overdue medical bill, asking for bank account information so they can process the payment. Best advice, hang up.
Preventing Senior Scams: Medicare FraudAlmost everyone over 65 has Medicare as their primary insurance and your Medicare card uses your Social Security number for identification.
Preventing Senior Scams: Research OffersThe Federal Trade Commission has some guidelines when dealing with a possible scammer on the phone.
Preventing Senior Scams: Red FlagsEvery year thousands of people lose money to scams, from a few dollars to their life savings.
Preventing Senior Scams: Who’s Most At Risk?According to the 2016 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015.
National Save For Retirement Week: No Plans At WorkMany listeners have told me they’re not worried about retirement savings because they’ll have their Social Security benefit, but Social Security was never intended to be your only source of income in retirement.
National Save For Retirement Week: Are You Saving Enough?Probably not! Your retirement savings will play a very big role in retirement.
National Save For Retirement Week: Over The Hill BonusCongress increased the amount workers could contribute to their retirement plans but then realized that older workers closer to retirement were in rough shape.
National Save For Retirement Week: Retirement Plan LimitsAbout 60% of employers offer employees some sort of retirement plan, but not all employees take advantage of the plans offered.