Tax Planning: Flexible Spending AccountsIf you are willing to spend some time, I can guarantee you some savings when you file your taxes next year.
Our Families: Money Lessons For Our KidsI would suspect some of our listeners are in their cars moving between shopping malls right now. As harried as you are why not give the kids in the back seat a money lesson.
Our Families: Giving It AwayWhen you mention gifting what usually comes to mind is a birthday or Christmas. What I’d like to talk about today is giving it away.
Our Families: The Retirement Back-Up PlanIf you have not done any retirement planning or if you have not saved enough for retirement, tomorrow, as everyone is seated around the table, decide which kid you want to live with in your old age.
Our Families: Our SeniorsLet’s focus on mom today because most often it is our mother we will probably help in her declining years, for she has outlived dad.
Our Families: The Important PapersThanksgiving week is a perfect time to celebrate families, so I thought this week would be an opportune time to talk about families and money.
Holiday Gifting: MoneyFinding the perfect the gift for some folks on your list is hard. Cash always pleases. It certainly is quick, easy, and never returned.
Holiday Gifting: A Tight BudgetChristmas can happen even on a tight budget. If you don’t have much money to spend then you will need to spend your time.
Holiday Gifting: Trying To SaveCan you really save on Christmas spending? Giving to fewer recipients is a good start.
Holiday Gifting: Your ListYesterday I talked about the 40% of folks already finished with their holiday shopping. So this is for the other 60% still in a planning stage.
Holiday Gifting: Budgeting I have been talking about the need for planning your holiday purchases for over 15 years now, but it always surprises me when I first see the Christmas displays in the stores.
The Need To Save More: Your Discretionary ExpensesToday it’s about your discretionary expenses. This is stuff you have more control over than a fixed mortgage payment.
The Need To Save More: Your Fixed ExpensesThere are many small life style changes you can make to save big money, so let's look at your fixed expenses.
The Need To Save More: A BudgetSaving money does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the things you like to do. If you deprive yourself of all of the fun stuff in life you will never stick to a savings plan.
The Need To Save More: A Spending PlanOur government can print up money but you and I cannot! So we need to find ways to save more.