Why A Rainy Summer Could Actually Mean Higher Water Rates For Some CommunitiesNo sprinklers mean a lot less money coming in to run the water department.
Keller @ Large: Talks Drag Over Infrastructure Bill, But One Side Has The Upper HandWhile the talks drag on in Washington, drivers here sit in nasty Mass. Pike traffic as workers repair some of the nation's worst interstate bridges.
Keller @ Large: Failure To Compromise On Capitol Hill Is All Too FamiliarFinding the middle ground on almost any major issue remains elusive for the D.C. political establishment.
Keller @ Large: Poll Shows People Divided Over Extra Government Aid For UnemployedAsked if the $300 a week unemployment supplement should continue, the response was a virtual tie, 43% for ending the bonus, 41% for keeping it in place.
Biden Picks Walsh, 4 Other Cabinet Members To Help Sell Infrastructure PlanPresident Joe Biden announced Thursday that he's tapping Labor Secretary and former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, as well as four other cabinet members, to help sell his massive infrastructure plan. 
Boston To NYC Shortcut? High-Speed Rail Plan Includes 16-Mile Underwater TunnelThe trains would travel over 200 mph and the trip would take just an hour and a half.
Transportation Expert: New Vision Needed To Repair RoadsA transportation expert says Massachusetts needs a new vision when it comes to repairing aging roads.
NH Lawmaker Stalemate Could Cause Spike In Infrastructure CostsA legislative stalemate over raising the gas tax and legalizing a casino could jeopardize the state's biggest transportation priority and drive highway contractors out of New Hampshire to look for work in nearby states willing to fund infrastructure improvements.
Opinion: We Must Fix Our Crumbling InfrastructureMost Americans who traveled during this Thanksgiving holiday came face to face with an American reality: while there is much to be thankful for, our infrastructure is not one of those things.
Construction hurts Framingham businesses