'It's A Real Tragedy': Emergency Bridge Fix Near Everett Casino Costs Taxpayers MillionsIt’s going to be an agonizing commute every morning for the next six months near the under construction Everett casino.
Whitey Bulger, Notorious Boston Mob Boss, Killed In West Virginia PrisonNotorious Boston mobster Whitey Bulger was killed in a West Virginia prison Tuesday, according to WBZ-TV I-Team chief correspondent Cheryl Fiandaca.
I-Team Exclusive: Aaron Hernandez's Secret LifeIn a raw, and sometimes tearful interview, Jonathan Hernandez opened up about his own struggle watching his younger brother’s life spiral out of control.
I-Team: George Nassar, Boston Strangler's Cellmate, Recalls Albert DeSalvo's ConfessionIn an exclusive jail house interview, George Nassar talked about his former cellmate and how he became a suspect himself.
I-Team: Jiffy Lube Denies That Oil Change Caused SUV FireMichelle Noriega's SUV was destroyed in a fire after an oil change. She blames Jiffy Lube, which claims the investigation is inconclusive.
I-Team: Lab Approved By State Had Thousands Of Dollars Of Marijuana Samples StolenA cannabis testing facility that was just granted a final license to test recreational marijuana, had thousands of dollars of medical marijuana testing samples stolen from it last year, according to police.
I-Team: Oxford Kennel With History Of Complaints Shuts DownEmpty cages are all that’s left at Laughlin Kennel. The shutdown comes after a legal battle over a zoning dispute with the town.
I-Team: The Disturbing Stories Behind Some Of Boston's A-List RestaurantsIf almost every Boston restaurant gets an “A” grade, even those with flagrant health code records, how do customers know which are the safest places to eat?