Drop Charges Against I-93 Protesters, Somerville Mayor SaysSomerville mayor Joseph Curtatone wants charges dropped against a group of protesters who brought traffic to a standstill on Interstate 93 in Somerville and Milton last January.
Keller @ Large: Boston NAACP President Talks Baker, I-93 ProtestsMichael Curry said that, so far, Baker is honoring his campaign pledge to be available to communities of color.
Protester: Negative Reaction To I-93 Demonstration 'Hard To Stomach'Mark F. Schwaller of Jamaica Plain posted to his Facebook page that the amount of "hate swirling" is disappointing after he and protesters shut down Interstate 93.
NightSide - The I-93 Road Blockers
Lawmakers Propose Tougher Penalties For Blocking HighwaysA Dracut state representative filed legislation to make blocking a highway a felony in the aftermath of the Interstate 93 protests.
Keller @ Large: Challenge For Legit Protesters - Don't Spoil ProgressLet’s face it, no one with a clue wants anything to do with anarchists, if that’s what these kids were.
Boston Commuter Says Cars Swerved To Avoid I-93 ProtestersDrivers were forced to come to a screeching halt to avoid hitting protesters who walked into traffic on I-93.
Boston Pastor: Protesters Need To Be 'More Thoughtful'Disrupting for the sake of disrupting, that’s how long-time activist Reverend Jeffrey Brown of Twelfth Baptist Church described the protests.
Protesters Plead Not Guilty After Blocking I-93Eighteen of the protesters who were arrested Thursday appeared in Somerville District Court.
Keller @ Large: Protesters Hurting Their Cause?The protesters who blocked I-93 in Medford and Milton had a mission. But did their tactics help or hurt their cause?
I-93 Protests Divert Ambulance Carrying Driver With Life-Threatening InjuriesAn ambulance carrying a car crash victim with life-threatening injuries had to be diverted Thursday morning because of protests that shut down parts of Interstate 93, officials said.