Study Shows Older Parents May Have Better Behaved ChildrenResearchers have found older parents are more likely to have well-behaved children.
Scientists Develop Fabric That Could Help Neutralize SweatScientists are developing modified cotton that emits a lemony-citronella scent when it comes into contact with sweat.
Students May Not Benefit From Fitness Tests, Study FindsAccording to a new study from Louisiana State University, school fitness tests may not be a valuable use of a student's time.
Study Says Doctors Are Prescribing Antihistamines For Children‘s Colds, Despite Little Evidence They HelpAccording to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, doctors continue to prescribe popular over-the-counter medications for coughs and colds despite evidence that they don't help.
Gene-Editing Tool Will Be Used To Try To Cure Inherited BlindnessThe first study to test a gene-editing technique to cure the most common cause of inherited childhood blindness is about to take place.
Eating In A Six-Hour Window May Promote Weight Loss, Study SaysIntermittent fasting can help some people lose weight, but this study says how the timing of your meals can affect your metabolism.
Baseball Players May Be The Healthiest Athletes, According To New StudyWhile several professional sports have come under fire for putting players at serious health risks, a new study finds that professional baseball players might be the healthiest athletes out there.
New Study Warns Middle Aged People To Watch Their StepMost people worry about baby boomers when it comes to serious falls but a new study out of Yale finds that middle-aged adults should also watch their step.
Study Shows Millions Take Daily Aspirin Without Doctor's AdviceA new study finds that millions take aspirin without their doctor's advice.
Oregon Passes Student 'Mental Health Day' LawOregon is becoming one of the first states to allow students to take a mental health day.
When It Comes To Blood Pressure Both Numbers Matter, New Study SaysWhen it comes to managing high blood pressure, doctors often focus on the top number, but a new study says both numbers matter.