Recovered Coronavirus Patient Donates Blood To Help Vaccine, Treatment ResearchBlood samples from recovered coronavirus patients are now being used to try to develop treatments and vaccines for the virus.
Coronavirus Taking Huge Toll On Mental Health, Psychologists SayPsychologists say the coronavirus outbreak is taking a big emotional toll on the population.
Coronavirus Fight: Download A Symptom Tracker App To Help ResearchersResearchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital are asking people to download a coronavirus symptom tracking app to help them fight the virus.
Former Harvard Dean Says U.S. Can Defeat The Coronavirus In 10 WeeksDr. Harvey Fineberg says if we take these six steps, we can defeat the virus in just 10 weeks.
Extending Social Distancing Orders Could Delay Second Wave Of COVID-19 Cases, Study FindsResearchers warn that countries should be careful about lifting social distancing measures too soon.
New Coronavirus Symptom: Loss Of Taste And SmellFever, cough and shortness of breath are the typical symptoms of the coronavirus, but doctors say there is another symptom to keep an eye out for-- a loss of smell.
Potential Coronavirus Treatment Could Lead To Shortage Of Drug For Lupus PatientsWith hydroxychloroquine being tested to treat COVID-19, lupus patients are worried they may not be able to get a drug they rely on. 
State And Local Leaders Discuss Front Line Coronavirus PreventionState and local leaders are coming together to get ahead to the coronavirus.
Flu Severity In Massachusetts Remains High Despite Decreasing Doctor Visits For FluFlu severity in Massachusetts remains high, despite the number of flu-related doctor visits decreasing this week, the Department of Public Health announced Friday. 
Flu Vaccine Is About 50% Effective This Year, CDC SaysPreliminary estimates from the CDC show this year's flu vaccine has reduced doctor visits for flu by about half.
Fall Is The Best Time To Conceive, According To New BU StudyResearchers at BU looked at data on more than 14,000 women who were trying to get pregnant from the US, Canada and Denmark.