Study Shows Public Workplace Encouragement May Prompt More Women To LeadA new study identifies at least one way that companies can help women lead.
Financial Penalty May Lead To Better Vaccination Rates, Study ShowsA new study showed countries that fined families for failing to meet the vaccination requirements had higher vaccination rates.
Working Out To Music Yields Additional Benefits, Researchers FindMany people feel better when they exercise to music, and now there's science to back it up. Researchers in Australia reviewed nearly 140 studies between 1911 and 2017 and found numerous benefits to listening to music while exercising.
Average Body Temperatures Lower Than Previously Thought, Researchers SayMany of us were taught that the normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is that wrong, but researchers have now found that the average body temperature has been falling over time.
Americans Particularly Sleepy On First Day Of Work In January, Study SaysAre you feeling particularly sleepy? A new survey finds almost half of Americans report feeling particularly tired on the day they return to work in January, which for many of us was Thursday. 
Study Finds Americans Lack Knowledge Of Heart Attack SymptomsWould you know if you were having a heart attack? According to a new study reported in JAMA Network Open, there's a good chance you might not.
Study Finds Brain Circuitry Linked To OvereatingDo you ever have a hard time resisting temptation, like pizza or chocolate cake? A new study finds you may just be wired that way.
Scientists Develop Frostbite Treatment Spray For EmergenciesMany people are hitting the slopes this time of year, and one common concern is frostbite. But researchers have developed a new spray that could help stop frostbite in its tracks.
Nurses' Lack Of Sleep Could Affect Patient Safety And Care, Study SaysNurses aren't getting enough sleep, which may impact patient care and safety, according to a new study by NYU.
Mammograms May Help Identify Heart Disease, Researchers SayMammograms are routinely used to screen for breast cancer in women, but there's mounting evidence that they may also help identify women at risk for heart disease.
Baseball Players May Be The Healthiest Athletes, According To New StudyWhile several professional sports have come under fire for putting players at serious health risks, a new study finds that professional baseball players might be the healthiest athletes out there.