Flu Vaccine Is About 50% Effective This Year, CDC SaysPreliminary estimates from the CDC show this year's flu vaccine has reduced doctor visits for flu by about half.
Fall Is The Best Time To Conceive, According To New BU StudyResearchers at BU looked at data on more than 14,000 women who were trying to get pregnant from the US, Canada and Denmark.
Common Antibiotics Linked To Increased Risk Of Birth Defects, Study SaysTaking some common antibiotics during the first trimester of pregnancy was linked with higher risk of birth defects, according to a new study.
UMass Memorial Introduces 'HeartFlow Planner,' 3D Tech For Artery DiseaseDoctors at UMass Memorial are for the first time using the HeartFlow Planner to get a clearer picture of blockages in the coronary arteries.
Medications May Lower Risk Of 'Broken Heart' After Loss Of Loved One, Study SaysAccording to a new study, common cardiac medications may help reduce the risk of "broken heart" syndrome after the death of a loved one.
Prebiotics May Slow Skin Cancer Tumor Growth In Mice, Study FindsA new study finds that prebiotics could help fight the deadliest form of skin cancer.
Dose Of 'Magic Mushrooms' Cuts Anxiety, Depression In Cancer Patients, Study SaysA single dose of psilocybin, a compound found in "magic mushrooms," provides long-term relief of anxiety and depression in cancer patients, a new study finds.
How To Protect Yourself Against The Deadly CoronavirusWhat are officials doing in the U.S. to combat the coronavirus, and how can you minimize your risk?
Massachusetts Defies U.S. Trend With Binge Drinkers Drinking Less, Study ShowsIn 2017, the number of binge drinks per year among adult binge drinkers ranged from 320 per year in Massachusetts to 1,219 in Wyoming. The number of drinks among those who reported binge drinking increased in nine states -- Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio and Virginia -- while the number of drinks decreased significantly in Massachusetts and West Virginia.
FDA Drug Approval Laws Getting Less Stringent, Study ShowsAccording to a new study, changes in federal laws mean drugs are getting less rigorous review by the FDA before they get approved.
Study Finds Women Who Suffer Miscarriage May Have Long-Term Psychological StressA new study finds that many women suffer long-term psychological distress after a miscarriage.
Reducing Tongue Fat Could Improve Sleep Apnea, Study SaysHaving a fat tongue could be a key reason you snore, choke, gasp or stop breathing periodically during the night, ruining your sleep and potentially your health.
Cancer Death Rate In U.S. Has Biggest One-Year Drop, Researchers SayResearchers say the largest-ever one-year decline in the U.S. cancer death rate is due to advances in lung-tumor treatments.
Dana-Farber Sleep Education Class Helping Cancer Survivors Rest BetterMany cancer survivors have trouble sleeping, so the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is offering a sleep education class to change that.
Running A Marathon Could Help You Live Longer, Study SuggestsNew research suggests training and running a marathon for the first time could reverse some of the effects of aging on our bodies.