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Can Coronavirus Spread Through Secondhand Smoke? Dr. Mallika Marshall Answers Your QuestionsDr. Mallika Marshall says the virus can't hitch a ride on smoke but if you're close to someone who is smoking and they are sick, you are at risk.
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MIT Researching Alternative That Could Be Used If Hospitals Run Out Of VentilatorsResearchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on an alternative treatment that can be used when a hospital runs out of ventilators.
Taking A Hot Bath Linked To Lower Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke, Study FindsEnding your day with a hot bath might have more benefits than just relaxation.
How To Avoid Isolation During Coronavirus Social DistancingSocial distancing for many, especially the elderly, can lead to social isolation, which takes a toll on both mental and physical health.
Coronavirus Testing Capacity In Massachusetts To Double Next Week, Health Officials SayCoronavirus testing capacity in Massachusetts will increase significantly starting next week, state health officials announced Friday. They said the state lab should be able to double its testing capacity and that two private labs have been given federal approval to begin coronavirus testing. 
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FDA Approves Non-Statin Drug That Lowers CholesterolRegulators approved a new type of cholesterol-lowering drug aimed at millions of people who can't tolerate statins.
Flu Vaccine Is About 50% Effective This Year, CDC SaysPreliminary estimates from the CDC show this year's flu vaccine has reduced doctor visits for flu by about half.