Monopoly Sales Soaring Thanks To Bored FamiliesFamilies stuck at home have resorted to playing games again, and that's benefiting Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based Hasbro.
52,000 Super Soaker Water Guns Sold At Target Recalled Due To LeadWater guns sold at Target are being recalled because of lead dangers.
Hasbro Removing Trolls Doll From Stores; Petition Says Button Is Inappropriately PlacedA popular petition accused the toymaker of promoting child abuse by placing a button on the doll's "private area under her skirt."
Coronavirus Could Impact R.I.-Based Hasbro's Production Of Baby Yoda ToysHasbro, the maker of several "Star Wars" Baby Yoda toys set to hit stores later this year, confirmed last week that its supply chain is being disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.
Hasbro Rolls Out Official Baby Yoda ToysThat's right -- the cutest alien in the galaxy could soon be yours.
Hasbro Hit Hard By Tariffs Just Before The HolidaysThe Force and Frozen couldn't save toy maker Hasbro from the US-China trade war.
How Rhode Island-Based Hasbro Managed A Stunning Comeback In A Post-Toys 'R' Us WorldHasbro stock is up more than 45% this year.
In New Ms. Monopoly Game, Women Make More Than MenPawtucket, Rhode Island-based Hasbro is debuting a new game celebrating women's empowerment.
Hasbro Trademarks Play-Doh's 'Sweet, Slightly Musky' ScentOver 950 million pounds of dough have been played with since the scented icon went into production in 1956.
Hasbro Sends Police Thank You Package After Play-Doh Used To Find SuspectAfter using Play-Doh to help identify a shoplifting suspect, Leicester Police received a thank you for the good publicity.
Hasbro Sales Plunge After Demise Of Toys R UsThe Pawtucket, Rhode Island company reported a loss and plunging revenue Monday for its first quarter.