Great White Shark Circles Boat In Cape Cod Bay Near SandwichBoaters took pictures of the eight-foot shark as it circled them for about 15 minutes.
Sharks Still Spotted Off Cape Cod Into November, After Record Tagging SeasonWBZ-TV Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski was on-board the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy research vessel when they tagged the biggest shark of the season - a 15-foot great white.
'Once In A Lifetime Shot!' Photo Shows Great White Shark Leaping Out Of Water Off Cape CodA New York photographer made the most of a “one in a million opportunity” on a Labor Day weekend trip to Cape Cod.
VIDEO: Great White Shark Bumps Boat In Cape Cod BaySome friends lobstering out in Cape Cod Bay got an up-close-and-personal look at a great white shark.
Sharks, Taxes May Be Impacting Summer Rental Profits On Cape CodSharks and taxes may both be taking a bite out of summer rental profits on the Cape.
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Great White Shark Found Dead On Cape Cod BeachA nine-foot great white shark was found dead on a beach in Truro Thursday morning.
Fisherman Experiences 'Close Encounters Of The White Shark Kind' Off BrewsterA fisherman got more than he bargained for while he reeled in his line off of Brewster.
'It Was Pretty Shocking': Paddleboarder Unaware Of Shark Beneath HimA great white shark was caught swimming very close to an unsuspecting paddle boarder out on his morning paddle.
Paddleboarder Has Close Encounter With SharkA stand-up paddleboarder had a close encounter with a shark off Cape Cod on Sunday.
Video: 12-Foot Great White Shark Bites Fish Being Reeled In Off Cape CodFishermen hoping to catch stripers off Monomoy Island hooked one, but then they got more they bargained for.