Weld: ‘Aleppo’ Gaffe Has No Impact On CampaignLibertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld is downplaying criticism of running mate Gary Johnson.
Libertarian Party Candidates: 'We're Not Hypocrites'The two candidates made the case for their campaign on CBS This Morning Wednesday, explaining their positions and what the Libertarian Party stands for, as well as positing themselves as an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Third Party Candidates Stein, Johnson To Appear On NH BallotThe leading third party candidates for president — Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein — will appear on the New Hampshire ballot in November.
Libertarian Candidates Johnson, Weld Rally Backers In BostonLibertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate, one-time Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, are rallying supporters in Boston.
Weld: Interest In Libertarian Presidential Ticket Picking UpLibertarian vice presidential nominee William Weld says he's seen interest and fundraising pick up as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign has struggled recently.
Former Mass. Gov. Weld To Seek Libertarian Party's Vice Presidential NominationFormer New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has joined forces with another former Republican governor to strengthen his Libertarian presidential bid.
Keller @ Large: Weekly Round-Up Of The GOP Race It was a busy day at the New Hampshire secretary of state's office as candidates arrived for their last chance to sign up for the state's presidential primary.
So GOP........How Grand is it?? The way things have been going lately, if it wasn't for "bad" luck.......the Grand Ole Party wouldn't have "any" luck at all. But let me say right up front......"GOP....calm down....it's early...relax.