Phantom Gourmet: J & M Diner In FraminghamWhen it comes to big breakfasts served with a side of fun, few places on the planet do it like Framingham's J & M Diner.
Phantom Gourmet: The Friendly ToastWith five New England locations and counting, including the Burlington Mall, The Friendly Toast is a restaurant that lives up to its name when it comes to the service and the food.
Phantom Gourmet: Charred Oak Tavern In MiddleboroThe Phantom heads to an upscale tavern in Middleboro, where comfort food rules.
Phantom Gourmet: Tremezzo Ristorante In WilmingtonLocated on Lowell Street in Wilmington, Tremezzo is a different kind of Italian eatery.
Phantom Gourmet: Honey Mustard Taste TestFind out which honey mustard sauce Phantom picked to land on top of the food chain.
Phantom Gourmet: Peanut Butter Cup Taste TestWho makes the best peanut butter cup? Phantom taste tested four brands to see who's on the top of the food chain.
Phantom Gourmet: Corfinio In EastonPasta made by hand, pizza from a wood-fired oven, and a passion for authentic Italian cuisine on every plate. That's what's on the menu at Corfinio.
Phantom Gourmet: Cunard Tavern In East BostonCunard Tavern is proud to offer food as diverse as the history of its neighborhood.
Phantom Gourmet: The Queen's Cups In WorcesterInside a cute brick building in Worcester's historic Canal District, is a super sweet spot called The Queen's Cups.
Phantom Gourmet: 110 GrillThe 110 Grill serves up comfort food from 15 locations and counting.
Phantom Gourmet: Sour Cream And Onion Potato ChipsPhantom recently purchased four bags of sour cream and onion flavored potato chips at a local supermarket.