Should The Massachusetts Flu Vaccine Requirement For Students Also Apply To Teachers?Some medical experts are reportedly pushing for the state to mandate that teachers be vaccinated as well.
Flu Vaccine Requirement For Massachusetts Students 'An Important Part' Of Fighting Coronavirus, Baker SaysGov. Charlie Baker says that the new flu vaccine requirement for Massachusetts students is aimed at trying to keep hospitalizations down.
Flu Vaccine Now Required For All Massachusetts Students By Dec. 31All students in Massachusetts will be required to get the flu vaccine before the end of the year.
Second Wave Of Flu Infections Upon Us, CDC SaysInfluenza A infections have risen in the past few weeks, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Severity Of Flu Activity In Massachusetts Rises To 'High'Severity of the flu in Massachusetts has increased from moderate to high, according to the Mass. Department of Health. 
Flu Vaccine 'Not A Very Good Match' For Strain That's Tough On ChildrenStill, a flu shot can save your child's life.
Experts Suggest Flu Season Could One Of The Worst In YearsWe're fully in the throes of flu season and some experts believe it's on track to be one of the worst in decades.
Most Pregnant Women Aren't Getting Flu And Whooping Cough Shots, CDC WarnsThe shots are safe and recommended as part of routine prenatal care.
Fighting The Flu: Prevention TipsDr. Mallika Marshall provides health tips ahead of the flu season.
National Institutes Of Health Begin Human Trial Of 'Universal' Flu VaccineThe National Institutes of Health has begun the first human trial of a "universal" flu vaccine.
The Flu Is Still Here And It's Getting More AggressiveOfficials say the most predominant strain is no longer a milder one, but one that is more severe.