This Year's Flu Shot Less Than 50% Effective, According To CDCA flu shot is still recommended for those who have neglected to get one, but the CDC estimated this year's vaccine's overall effectiveness in preventing an infection at just 47%.
Flu Shot More Effective Than Nasal Vaccine For Kids, Study FindsA new study reinforces that among children, nasal spray vaccine appears to have reduced effectiveness against the flu, compared with the shot.
Most US Adults Have Not Gotten A Flu Shot For This Mild SeasonThe mild season is a dramatic shift from the previous flu season, which was the deadliest in decades.
Repeat Flu Vaccinations Can Help Protect SeniorsA new study suggests that older people, in particular, should make sure they get a flu shot year after year after year.
Health Officials Warn Flu Season Could Be SevereHealth officials are warning that the United States could be facing a relatively severe flu season this year, in part because the flu vaccine may not be that effective.
New Guidelines On How To Avoid Germs At Pediatrician's OfficeCold and flu season is upon us. So how do we stay healthy with all this coughing and sniffling in our midst?
Adults With Asthma Not Getting Pneumonia Vaccine As RecommendedAt about this time, we start talking about flu shots but many adults are missing out on another key vaccine.
When Is The Best Time To Get Your Flu Shot?Flu season is generally between November and April with peaks usually in January or February.
Statins Could Reduce Effectiveness Of Flu ShotIf you're one of the millions of Americans over 65 who use statins to control your cholesterol, the flu shot may not work as well for you as it does for others.
Thousands Will Die From Flu This Year, Doctors PredictAlthough concerns are mounting across the nation of Ebola exposure, doctors fear the focus could be diverting attention from another potential threat: the flu.
Daily Talker: Pregnant Nurse Fired For Refusing Flu ShotA pregnant nurse in Pennsylvania has lost her job for refusing to get the flu shot because she was afraid of miscarrying. Dreonna Breton said she made the decision after having her last two pregnancies end in miscarriage, and because she was concerned the vaccine may not be safe for pregnant women.