Even More Money Mistakes: Heard From ListenersFolks have been very generous in sharing money mistakes. At the work shop last week folks shared some interesting mistakes that many of us have made.
Even More Money Mistakes: Dealing With Money In Your 30sThe lifestyle portrayed for a 30-year-old single is one of extravagance. Dinners out, clubbing a couple of nights a week, trendy clothes, gym membership and SUVs, great vacations and upscale apartments. Can you afford all that?
Even More Money Mistakes: Messing With Your Retirement PlansThese are money mistakes employees often make with their retirement plans.
Even More Money Mistakes: Not Checking Your Credit ReportIn speaking at a workshop last week, I was very surprised at how few of the attendees had checked their credit reports after the recent Equifax hack.
More Money Mistakes: Beneficiary Designations Not Being UpdatedWhen you own an asset such as a retirement plan, an annuity, or life insurance, you get to decide who should get that asset if you should die
More Money Mistakes: Using Your Retirement Plan As A BankHere again some listeners tell of getting screwed. They borrowed from their plans, left their employment, and the money was owed back within 30 days or it became a withdrawal.
More Money Mistakes: Investing: Selling Low – Buying HighJust for the record, I’ve made my share of money mistakes. No one does it right all the time.
More Money Mistakes: Thinking You Are Going To Live ForeverWe are all going to die. We just don’t know when. So it's not what you have done, it’s what you didn’t do that your heirs will regret.
More Money Mistakes: Not Having An Emergency FundFor the most part money mistakes are self-inflicted wounds!
Money Mistakes: Not Enough Saved For CollegeIf your kiddo is in high school you may not have much time to fix this money mistake.
Money Mistakes: Not Saving Enough for RetirementI heard from pre-retirees who had wished they had met me when they were 25. They regretted not starting to save for retirement until they were older.
Money Mistakes: Credit Card DebtCredit cards seems to be an area where many consumers make dumb money moves.
Money Mistakes: Shoppers RemorseShoppers remorse usually sets in once you get home after a shopping trip with friends.
Money Mistakes: The Expensive WeddingMoney mistakes has been a popular topic with our listeners and many have been willing to share their experiences.
Paying For College: Other Ways To Pay For CollegeIf your kid is in her senior year of high school and there is nothing set aside for her college education it’s too late to do much more than stick whatever extra cash you can in a savings account.