Facebook Rolls Out Face Recognition To All Users But Says It Will Be Off By DefaultFacebook is now offering facial-recognition features to all of its users, but says it will keep the capabilities turned off by default.
Facebook Rolls Out Tool To Block 'Off-Facebook Activity' Data GatheringSoon, you could get fewer familiar ads following you around the internet — or at least on Facebook.
Facebook Will Pay An Unprecedented $5 Billion Penalty Over Privacy BreachesIt is the largest fine in FTC history — and yet still only about a month's worth of revenue for Facebook.
Social Media May Help Mental Health Of AdultsYoung people are often warned that too much social media use could lead to mental health problems, but a new study finds that networking sites may do just the opposite for adults.
Your Facebook Profile Can Indicate If You Have A Medical Condition, Study FindsYour social media could reveal a lot more about you than you think.
Keller @ Large: Facebook Leaves You To Sort Out Fake VideosFacebook's policy suggests you'll be forced to sort out fakes from the truth all campaign long.
Facebook Removed Over 3 Billion Fake Accounts In 6 MonthsFacebook's new report didn't say how many fake accounts it also missed.
Facebook Debuts New Look And Features To Help Move Past 'Old Issues'Facebook debuted a makeover for its main app on Tuesday and said the company is making a major shift in how it's run.
Facebook's 'Digital Graveyard' Raises Ethical QuestionsOne analysis from the University of Oxford says the number of Facebook accounts for dead people will outnumber the living by 2070.
Facebook Collected 1.5 Million Users' Email Contacts Without Their KnowledgeFacebook has admitted that it collected up to 1.5 million users' email contacts without their consent, in the latest privacy issue to hit the giant tech firm.
Facebook, Instagram Down Across Much Of United States And EuropeAll three social media platforms, including Facebook Messenger, were not loading as of early Sunday morning.