Can Nature And Woolly Bear Caterpillars Be Simple Predictors Of Our Winter Weather Forecast?Some experts would say all you have to do is go outside and let nature be your guide when it comes to predicting the long range winter weather forecast.
Boston Weather Records Show Warm, Wet Years Heading Into Winter Usually Followed By Below Average SnowfallHow does the crazy weather we've had so far in 2021 impact the upcoming winter? Warm summers and warm years are followed by below average snowfall about 80 percent of the time.
'Not Normal Conditions': Cranberry Farmer Says Climate Change Has Made Harvesting More DifficultCranberries are one of New England’s native and quintessential crops, but now they're facing real weather challenges in our warming climate.
Da Vinci Of Data Art: Glacier Scientist Uses Watercolors To Highlight Environmental IssuesGlacier scientist Jill Pelto finds that her research speaks to people on a deeper level using her watercolor paintings.
Mysterious 'Blob' Of Water With Low Oxygen Levels Threatens Lobsters In Cape Cod BayLow dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer of water in the ocean is the reason why lobsterman have been catching dead lobsters recently.
Stone Living Lab Project Is Helping Boston Find Nature-Based Solutions To Climate ChangeThe Stone Living Lab is helping Boston find nature-based solutions to adjust to climate change by using our own backyard, the Boston Harbor and Harbor islands.
U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Crews 'Always Learning' During Complex Cape Cod Training SessionsWhen the call goes out for someone on the water in distress, the U.S. Coast Guard is ready for whatever comes their way.
More Homeowners May Soon Have To Restrict Lawn Watering During DroughtsMassachusetts is considering a controversial new policy that could force more homeowners to restrict lawn watering during droughts.
New Normal For Weather: NOAA Updates Temperature, Snow Averages To Include 1991-2020Believe it or not, we do actually have a well-defined set of normal weather conditions for each day, month, season, and year.
Local Compost Company Turns Food Scraps Into A Cycle Of SustainabilityA local company is providing an at-your-door composting service to help the community produce zero waste.
It’s National Arbor Day, A Time To Celebrate The Importance Of TreesArbor Day was created back in 1872 in Nebraska, and by the 1920’s, every state had some sort of observance for the tree holiday.