ESPN Planning Nine-Part Tom Brady Documentary Series, 'Man In The Arena'ESPN is working with Tom Brady to produce a nine-part documentary series called "Man In The Arena."
Coronavirus Forcing ESPN's Todd McShay To Miss NFL DraftOne of the nation's preeminent NFL draft experts will miss this week's draft due to coronavirus.
Rex Ryan Apologizes -- Sort Of -- For Calling Amari Cooper A 'Turd'The former head coach and defensive mastermind took some time on Friday to apologize for a comment he had made earlier about Amari Cooper. Ryan had referred to the Cowboys wide receiver as a "turd."
Jason Licht Says Tom Brady Did Most Of The Pitching When Talking To BuccaneersWhen the free agency doors finally opened, some folks expected a rush of teams to come calling for Tom Brady to make their pitches. As it turned out, the greatest of all time was the one who ended up doing the pitching.
ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit Would Be 'Shocked' If Football Is Played In 2020Kirk Herbstreit is a football lifer. Yet even he is prepared for an autumn without football.
ESPN Airing 7-Hour Tom Brady Marathon On SundayFortunately, you'll get to bask in the glory of some of Tom Brady's finest moments this weekend.
Tom Brady Latest: 'Mystery Team' Emerges, While Titans Like Their Chances Of Landing QBIt's not a real party until a mystery team emerges.
Report: ESPN Wants To Trade For Al Michaels, Hire Peyton Manning For Monday Night FootballMarchand reported that ESPN has its eyes on a pairing of Al Michaels and Peyton Manning for Monday nights. Obviously, that scenario has two decently sized hurdles.
ESPN Runs Story Pinning DeflateGate Scandal On NFL Instead Of Patriots, Perhaps Reshaping National NarrativeDeflateGate was one of the most nonsensical and preposterous scandals in the history of professional sports. Now five years later, it seems like ESPN even agrees.
Adam Schefter's Tom Brady Speculation Shows Forgetfulness Of Sports Media CycleAdam Schefter created headlines this week when he speculated that Tom Brady might be in his final season with the Patriots. Apparently, everyone forgot when he said the same exact thing two months ago.
Rob Ninkovich Hired By ESPN As NFL AnalystAnother former Patriot is joining the national media.