Patriots Share Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Ernie Adams Making His Final Draft PickBill Belichick's public praise came not long after the coach spoke even more highly about Ernie Adams behind closed doors.
Bill Belichick Announces That Ernie Adams Has Worked Final Draft With PatriotsShortly after the NFL Draft concluded on Saturday night, Bill Belichick announced that Ernie Adams, a longtime member of the Patriots football staff, had worked his final draft.
Patriots' Mystery Man Ernie Adams Won't Reveal Pink Stripes Meaning: 'Sometimes It's Best To Leave Things To People's Imaginations'When it comes to the Patriots dynasty, few folk heroes can match the intrigue and mystique of Ernie Adams.
Ernie Adams' Mystery Grows After NFL Draft Video Conference AppearanceFolks who followed the draft very closely know that it was the ever-mysterious Ernie Adams who was the real star of the weekend.
Ernie Adams Explains Why Leon Gray Earned Patriots Hall Of Fame EnshrinementWith Leon Gray posthumously getting inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday, fans may be interested to know more about the former left tackle. And, really, there's no better place to gain that information than the Patriots' own human encyclopedia, Ernie Adams.
Julian Edelman Shares Hilarious Bill Belichick Paintball Story, But Always Fearful Of Coach's BarbsJulian Edelman is making the media rounds this week, as part of a publicity tour for his documentary airing on Showtime this coming Friday night. Part of that tour brought Edelman back to the podcast "Pardon My Take," where the Patriots star and reigning Super Bowl MVP covered a wide variety of topics.