How Many 'Top 10 Weather Days' Do We Get In Boston?So how many days would you think qualify as 'top 10' status? Is it 10, or more? We search for answers here.
Tropical Downpours Break The Heat Wave On FridayTropical downpours and storms will sweep across the area on Friday bringing a chance of street flooding but also welcome relief from a 7-day heat wave.
Hottest Stretch Of The Year Heading Into New EnglandHere we go! Just in time for the hottest month of the year, the hottest stretch of the year and our first heat wave moving into New England.
Midsummer Heat On The Way For Father's Day WeekendHow do the 90s sound for dad? Midsummer heat is moving into New England for the weekend with record temperatures possible by Monday.
65 Years Ago: The Worcester TornadoOn June 9th of 1953, one of the worst tornadoes in U.S. history tore a 46-mile path across Massachusetts. To this day it remains one of the deadliest storms on record.
Climate And The Cape: Erosion Will Continue Changing The Landscape Of The BeachesIt’s hard to talk about the future without talking about climate. And there’s no better visual for a changing landscape than outer Cape Cod.
How Far We've Come: 70 Years Of Weather Technology AdvancesA 7-day forecast in 2018 is as accurate as a 2-day forecast 50 years ago.
Artificial Intelligence May Be The Future Of Forecasting WeatherYou're a baseball coach. 'Watson' knows this. So when a storm is approaching as you're on your way to practice, 'Watson' will give you a weather update in the car.