AG Maura Healey Suing Equifax After Data BreachThe data breach exposed the information of about 143 million Americans from May to July--nearly three million of them from Massachusetts.
Senators Filing Bills In Reaction To Equifax Data BreachDemocratic senators from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island are pushing bills after credit reporting company Equifax announced 143 million Americans had their information exposed— including Social Security numbers, birthdates and address histories.
Equifax Data Breach: What You Should Do"This is not IF your data is actually compromised, it’s a question of when," says says CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger.
Consumer Expert Says Equifax Hackers Are Likely Identity ThievesThe credit reporting company Equifax says a breach may have compromised personal information on as many as 134 million Americans.
Equifax Says Data From 143 Million Americans Exposed In BreachCredit monitoring company Equifax says a breach exposed social security numbers and other data from about 143 million Americans.
Your Credit ScoreCredit scores are a quick and easy method for a creditor to judge you as a potential customer.
Your Credit ReportsCredit reports are important. They are often the way a creditor, a potential employer, a landlord or an insurance company will judge you.
The Problem With Not Knowing Your Credit StatsYou may think your credit report is perfect because you have never been late or missed any of your loan payments, but recent studies have shown that perhaps as many as 50% of all credit reports have errors in them.
Credit Cards: How Many Is Too Many?How many cards do you have? Can you name what’s in your wallet? If the answer is no, you have too many cards.
Checking Your Credit ReportI'll bet every time I have suggested that you get copies of your free credit reports you have made a mental note to check yours. Do it now!
Your Credit ScoreCredit scores are a quick and easy method for creditors to judge you as a potential customer.