First Generic EpiPen Gets FDA ApprovalThe FDA has approved the first generic competitor to EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. for the emergency treatment of allergic reactions in adults and children.
EpiPen Shortage Declared By FDAThe agency says the products are currently available but manufacturing delays are causing a short-term shortage across the country.
Report Shows Big Increase In Complaints About EpiPen FailuresThere have been 228 reported EpiPen failures this year, leading to seven deaths and 25 hospitalizations.
EpiPen Alternative Costs $4,500, But Many Get It For FreeThe list price may be expensive, but an affordability program means families are paying nothing in out-of-pocket costs.
Call For Action: Families With Food Allergies Criticize Mylan’s Management Of EpiPen RecallAfter a worldwide recall of the EpiPen, some families say they had to wait far too long for a replacement.
Some EpiPens Recalled For Possible Failure To ActivateCertain varieties of EpiPens and EpiPen Jrs are being recalled for a potential defect.
CVS Now Selling Generic Competitor To EpiPen At A 6th Of The PriceCVS Health Corp., the nation's second-largest drugstore chain, says it cut the price of the generic version of Adrenaclick nearly in half.
Many Families In The Dark About Cheaper EpiPen AlternativeThere is a little known alternative that's half the cost of the expensive lifesaving EpiPen.
Mylan To Lower EpiPen Costs By Expanding Savings ProgramsMylan, now in the crosshairs over severe price hikes for its EpiPen, says it will expand programs that lower out-of-pocket costs by as much as half.