Software Makes It Easy To Track Your EmailsMany companies are now offering cheap email tracking programs.
Police Investigate Death Threat Emailed To Harvard Students, Affiliates Police are investigating a death threat that was emailed to several hundred Harvard University affiliates.
New Technology Could Make Email Obsolete Could email now be headed to the same fate as the telegraph?
Market Basket Lets Workers Apply For Internal Positions By Email Instead Of Job FairMarket Basket CEOs said they wanted workers to have an opportunity to apply “without fear of intimidation and harassment.”
Felger & Mazz: Angry French Canadians Defend Themselves And Their Team Via EmailSome of our neighbors to the north are none too pleased with the Felger & Massarotti show this week leading up to Bruins-Canadiens.
Tax Scams And Fraud To AvoidThe IRS does not send unsolicited emails about a person’s tax account or ask for detailed personal and financial information.
Amherst College Apologizes For Email Warning Of 'Alumni Unwanted Sexual Advances' The administration at Amherst College is apologizing over a memo that a residential area coordinator sent out ahead of homecoming weekend that reportedly suggested that students should watch out for “unwanted sexual advances” by drunk alumni.
Keller @ Large: Listener's Email Speaks For Me On Election And FalloutEvery once in awhile, I get a email that captures exactly the way I feel more expressively than I could ever do.
Facebook Changes User Email Addresses Without NoticeFacebook has changed your email address. At least that's how many felt after a quiet but vast change in the way the company displays users' contact information.
Rick Santorum Endorses Mitt RomneyFormer presidential hopeful Rick Santorum urged his supporters to back fellow Republican Mitt Romney's campaign Monday in a late-night email.
FBI Boston Warns Online Holiday Shoppers To Be CarefulIf you can’t wait to start your holiday shopping, the FBI wants you to be careful before you go online.